Pond cleaning.


Aquajoys pond cleaning service,


Some of the areas covered below

Pond Cleaning
(May include the following where applicable)
  • Full drain and clean, providing the water quality is good we will store some of the water and recycle it.
  • The fish and pond life will be stored in a suitable vat until works are complete, which will be filtered and oxygenated where necessary.
  • The pond will be power washed.
  • The plant foliage and debris will be removed from site unless you have a compost heap where you would prefer it to be left
  • Pond silt is extremely good for the garden as it is high in nutrients and will help any garden plants flourish.
  • Lights cleaned and bulbs changed when necessary.
  • Filter cleaned and serviced.
  • UV cleaned and serviced including quartz tube and seals replacement.
  • The filter pump will be cleaned and serviced.
  • De-scale pumps ( to comply with manufacturers guarantees this should be done twice a year).
  • The fountain/feature/waterfall will be cleaned and serviced.
  • The fountain/waterfall pump will be cleaned and serviced.
  • Plants will be trimmed and re-potted where necessary using fine mesh baskets, aquatic soil and gravel.
  • The pond will be refilled and water quality tests carried out.
  • The fish will have individual health checks where practical and reintroduced back into the pond.
  • Any necessary water quality treatments applied.

If you would like an approximate estimate please call our office with your pond sizes ie length, Width and depth